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Would you like a brighter smile? Teeth whitening is a safe, effective, and non-invasive method to restore shine to the enamel of your teeth. This procedure also allows the treatment of dyschromia (colour defects), enamel stains, and pigmentation that are the most common problems affecting the appearance of your teeth.


Treatment to solve severe functional, aesthetic, and anatomical problems resulting from tooth loss. In our dental surgery, our implants are made with titanium, an entirely biocompatible non-toxic material that is also highly resistant to chewing traumas.


It is the branch of clinical dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that involve the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity and dental elements.


Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease that affects the periodontium, that is the set of structures that support the teeth (gingiva, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament and root canal cement). Unless it is treated early, gingival bleeding (gingivitis) may develop into periodontitis with potentially harmful and irreversible effects on the teeth and the alveolar bone that supports them.

About Us

Welcome to “Studio Dentistico Dr. Giuseppe Fioretti”.
In our surgery you will find a highly trained and specialised team that will help you care for your oral health and hygiene..

The constant contact with university education and post-graduate specialisation courses have allowed me to combine daily clinical practice with research.

I believe that the therapeutic standards of modern dentistry should guarantee and maintain a level of excellence that is not limited to dental care and technological innovation but includes meeting the needs of the patient.

For these reasons, we guarantee a comprehensive dental care service with particular attention to compliance with the most scrupulous sanitary regulations, the sterilisation of surgical and non-surgical instruments, the punctuality of appointments, the clarification, and in-depth analysis of treatment plans.

Every dental treatment is personalised and agreed with the patient, with whom any therapeutic alternatives are evaluated and discussed.
Special attention is paid to young patients who are approaching the dentist's care for the first time and who are greeted by a colourful and lively environment where they have the opportunity to "play" in the waiting room before sitting on the dentist's chair.
Numerous courses in paediatric dentistry have allowed me to fully understand the importance of a non-traumatic, minimally invasive approach in order not to upset the child.

The Staff

All the staff at "Studio Dentistico Dr. Giuseppe Fioretti" in Vicenza is highly qualified.
Our staff includes trained and reliable dentists and dental assistants.

Giuseppe Fioretti
Dr. Giuseppe Fioretti
Improved in Oral Surgery,
Master in Gnathology,
Teacher at the degree course in Dental Hygiene
in Padua University.
Marco Fioretti
Dr. Marco Fioretti
Carmen Belluomo
Carmen Belluomo
Assistant to the chair
Rosella De Rossi
Rosella De Rossi
Assistant to the chair
Dr. Marco Mirijello
Dr. Marco Mirijello


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By choosing to entrust the care of your teeth to our staff you put yourself in the hand of specialists
for whom dentistry is synonymous with professionalism, but also with family and way of life!

Our services

Preventative dental care and hygiene
Conservative dental care
Traditional and invisible orthodontics*
Dental prostheses
Dental aesthetics

* Invisible orthodontics maintains the same prerogatives as traditional orthodontic therapy ("straightening" teeth, treating malocclusions and restoring correct masticatory function), but also improves aesthetics through the personalised use of transparent aligners.


After their first visit, many patients have recommended us to their relatives and have brought in their children.
We are truly honoured and proud of the confidence they've shown by entrusting us with the health of their families.

After a long time, I did my first dental check-up and Dr. Giuseppe Fioretti immediately put me at ease and made me relax. The session was completely painless! I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Fioretti and his dental clinic. The staff took great care of me!
General cleaning
Prima di tutto, vorrei ringraziare calorosamente il dentista Giuseppe Fioretti e il suo staff, dalle cordiali ed efficienti signore in reception a tutto il team professionale di dentisti. Sono veramente rimasto soddisfatto.First of all, I would like to warmly thank the dentist Giuseppe Fioretti and his staff, from the friendly and efficient ladies in reception to the whole professional team of dentists. I was really satisfied.
General Dentistry
It was the first time I came from Dr. Giuseppe Fioretti in Vicenza and I was particularly pleased with his professionalism. I requested an online visit from the website and was immediately called back to confirm my appointment.

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